BioMass, Vernon-McKee, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Post-Production (2017)

Into the Light, Vernon-McKee, (Short) Writer/Director
Festivals (2016-2017)

Patriot Act, Moonlite Filmwerks, (Feature) 1st Asst. Director
Post-Production (2016)

Carded, I'm Not A Turkey Productions, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Festivals (2016-2017)
Red Pearl, Vernon-McKee/Moonlite Filmwerks, (Short) Producer
Festivals (2016-2017)
Pressing On, Cross Wind Productions, (TV Pilot) 1st Asst. Director
Festivals (2015)
Freedom Gate, I'm Not A Turkey Productions, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Festivals (2015)

Scherzo (aka Trashman), Vernon-McKee, (Feature) Writer
Development (2017-2018)
Last Man Club, Cactus Films, (Feature) 1st Asst. Director
Film Festivals (2016)
The Void, LA
Filmwerks/Vernon-McKee, (Short) Co-Writer/1st Asst. Director
Splattterfest, 1st Place Winner (2014)
Urban Shakedown, Urban Shakedown LLC, (Feature) Production Manager
Post-Production (2014-2017)
Osprey, Osprey LLV, (Feature) 1st Asst. Director
Post-Production (2014-2017)
Trigger Man, Trigger Man LLC, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Festivals (2014)
Flashes, AV1, (Feature) 2nd Asst. Director/1st Asst. Director 2nd Unit

Released (2014)
The Costume Shop, Champion Entertainment, (Feature) 1st Asst. Director
Post-Production (2014)
Getting Schooled, Lucky Chucky Productions, (Feature) Extras Wrangler
Released (2014)
Spirited, Aesthetic-
Darenger, (Short) Unit Production Manager
Screened (2013)
Helen Alone, Shadowplay Productions LLC, (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Released (2014)
Haunted Trailer, Lucky Chucky Productions, (Feature) Consulting Producer
Released (2013)
Persistence of Vision, Moonlite Filmwerks, (Short) 1st Asst. Director/Co-Writer
Screened, Splatterfest Screening (2011) Won Six Awards
Adrift, Crosswind Productions, (Feature) Unit Production Manager
Post-Production (2012)
Cold War, Moonlite Filmwerks, (Short) Co-Writer/Assistant Director
48 Hour Film Project Entry (2011) Winner Best Film of Houston; Screened at Cannes 2012
Jacob, Odyssee Pictures, (Feature) Unit Production Manager
DVD/Blu-ray Release (2012)
Lars the Emo Kid, Starship Films, (Feature) Casting/Locations
Post-Production (2011)
Dead of Knight,  Starship Films, (Feature) Location Manager/Casting 
Screened (2011)
The Presentation, Spring Film Group, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Screened (2010)
8:32, Moonlite Filmwerks, (Short) Unit Production Manager
Screened, 48 Hour Film Project Entry (2010)
The Master, Crazy Raven Productions, (Short) Writer/Director/Editor
Screened (2010)
Kentucky Infidel, Crosswind Productions, (Short) 1st Asst. Director
Post-Production (2010)
Suicide Notes, Tick Tick Bang Productions, (Feature) 1st Asst. Director
Screened (2010)
IKE: A Documentary, Robert Weiss Production, (Feature) Production Consultant 
Festival Circuit (2009)
Renfield: The Undead, Poison Apple Films, (Feature) Script Doctor/Production Coordinator
DVD/Blu-Ray Release (2010)
Walking Distance, Upstart Productions, (Feature) Production Coordinator 
DVD/Blu-Ray Release (2008)
Dark Secret, Ambition Entertainment, (Short) Script Supervisor (2006) 
Screened, Winner – Bronze Remi Award, Worldfest
Predator, Studio MV, (Short) Writer, Director, Editor (2005) 
Winner “Best Gothic Horror” - ApolloCon Film Festival (Houston, TX) Winner “Best Suspense/Thriller” - Dusk ‘Til Dawn Film Festival (Houston, TX) Official Selection – Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival (Houston, TX) Official Selection – Bare Bones Film Festival (Muskogee, OK) Winner “Gorilla Software Award” – Shockerfest Film Festival (Modesto, CA)
hurry!, seven and a half seals productions, (Short) Associate Editor (2004) 
Winner - Silver Remi Award (Editing), Worldfest Film Festival
Official Selection - ApolloCon Film Festival
Automatic, Automatic Films, (Feature) Script Supervisor (2004) 
Official Selection - SXSW Texas Film Festival Showcase (Austin, TX) Official Selection –Woodstock Film Festival (Woodstock, NY)graph here.


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