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"One of the most important factors on a production is control of the set. Otherwise, it’s chaos, and that can wreck budgets and schedules. Molly is better at this than anyone on the planet. She doesn’t just keep the train on the track, she keeps it running efficiently and on time — no easy feat when you’re wrangling actors, directors, crew, and the occasional writer who is incapable of getting out of the frame (I speak from experience). On top of that, she knows film-making as a writer and director, which has the dual effect of leveraging her organizational and cat-herding strengths while at the same time bringing another creative dimension to the set. I simply cannot imagine doing a production without her. Nor would I ever want to."

Doug Williams, Writer/Producer

"I've been around the block many times for many years and have yet to work with a film professional as dedicated, and with as much production knowledge as Molly. Our pre-production and shooting schedule was tight and extremely demanding, yet Molly saw it through to fruition right on time and right on budget. The most sought-after film pro in the city. Easily."

Todd McCammon, Writer/Producer

"Molly is incredibly organized and keeps the set running like a well-oiled machine. I have never met anybody like Molly.  She has a handle on everything.  Nothing gets past her watchful eye. Molly fully understands show business and how to keep a production on track and on budget. Molly has the producer's back.  She keeps the production moving and keeps track of every detail no matter how small."

Larry McKee, Director of Photography

"Over the years I've worked with many different crews all around the world. I got a chance to first meet Molly on a featured then called "Flashes" (current title "Alternate Realities") From the first pre-production meeting Molly stood out to me by her knowledge of how things work in all phases of production. On set Molly is always a step ahead but keeps a happy and friendly set which is very important to me as a director"

Amir Valinia, Director

"I have worked with Molly Vernon several times over the past decade. When it comes to productions in Texas, she's the best 1ST AD in business. Shes great at the fine balance of keeping a production on schedule by cracking the whip and you still call her a friend at the end of the day. I'm a Molly fan."

Donny Boaz, Actor

“I’ve made two low-budget features since I’ve known Molly Vernon.  She was instrumental in many aspects for both of them.  One would not have been completed without her support.”

​Joe Grisaffi, Actor/Director

"I enjoy working with Molly because she keeps everything and everyone organized and running on time.  Sets are quiet when needed and things seem to flow much better when she is around.  Molly is also funny, knowledgeable and doesn't mind explaining things to those that don't know the task at hand."

Magee Miller, Editor

"I love working with Molly! Her intricate knowledge of the process of filmmaking is truly comprehensive. And she’s happy to share that knowledge with those who want to learn. She runs a strict set but in a good way-she gets the job done and done right. Molly is respected by everyone I know. And she has a great sense of humor! She has taught me so much, and I can’t wait to work with her again."

Liz R Graham, Producer/Actor/Writer

"Molly is very detail oriented when it comes to set organization and keeping the crews on task. It's all about moving down the shot list efficiently and effectively."

Christopher Bourque, Sound

"Molly Vernon's organizational skills and wealth of indie filmmaking knowledge were invaluable as the Unit Production Manager on the set of my film. She was instrumental in making sure we completed the production on time and under budget. A true professional in every sense of the word."

Wayne Slaten, Director

"Molly Vernon, is the ultimate filmmaker; I say that because in the movie making process there are several moving parts that need to move at the same time like a well-oiled machine. Molly has the knowledge, wisdom, talent and ability to translate what she knows, (in a very efficient-effective way) to the Crew, Cast, executive team and the audience. She is a wonderful director, talented writer and can run "any" set smoothly.  That's VERY rare."

Cylk Cozart, Actor/Director/Producer